Woman Woman Official Video Out Now

Woman Woman Official Video Out Now

The official video for AWOLNATION’s new single “Woman Woman” is out now! Click here to watch. The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters) and features an entire cast of real musicians, who all did an amazing job – we hope you like it!

Aaron Bruno, the musical architect behind AWOLNATION, worked closely with Klasfeld on a video that exemplified the track’s themes. “I was excited to be able to work with Marc on this” says Bruno. “Right away he understood the song and that I wanted to create something lighthearted, energetic and authentic featuring women in their natural state, and I think that really comes through in the video.” “It’s a celebration” Klasfeld adds about the music video, which was cast with all actual musicians.  “A hymn to all women. We didn’t add any makeup, we didn’t use any big styling elements, obviously we didn’t use any clothes…”

Click here to watch


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Published 5 years ago

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