The Aces confront the dark side of LA in their new track “Lost Angeles”

The Aces confront the dark side of LA in their new track “Lost Angeles”

The Aces return with their latest single, “Lost Angeles”! Teased to fans last week during their FADER Fort digital performance, the bittersweet yet upbeat single laments on love and loss in the City of Angels. Written by The Aces alongside Simon Wilcox (Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello) and Mike Green (All Time Low, Gwen Stefani), “Lost Angeles” is a pop-influenced manifestation of the band’s ever-evolving sound. Additionally, today, The Aces are featured on Apple Music’s New Music Daily Playlist with the new track.


“‘Lost Angeles’ is about the dark sides of LA, and that experience of being infatuated by Hollywood and a new city, but then having the excitement and romance of it ripped away at the hands of heartbreak,” The Aces say of the song.

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Last month, The Aces returned with their playful hit single, “Daydream,” the first release since their debut album in 2018. Garnering over 1.5 million streams in its first week and Spotify New Music Friday placements in more than 18 countries, “Daydream” was followed by its cinematic video companion, premiered on Refinery29 and directed by The Aces’ own Alisa Ramirez.




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Published 1 year ago

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