sad alex Releases New Single “dating myself”!

sad alex Releases New Single “dating myself”!



Just in time for Valentine’s Day, sad alex celebrates the single life with her latest release, “dating myself.” Out now via Red Bull Records, the up-tempo track embraces the art of self-care, exploring the empowerment behind falling in love with yourself. Rather than falling prey to a toxic relationship, sad alex’s latest anthem encourages self-exploration and saving yourself the heartache.


“Dating is weird and hard and confusing and a lot of work, so I found a loophole,” says sad alex. “Rather than digging through new people or recycling or old exes, why not date someone you’ve literally known your entire life? No, I don’t mean your parents. That’s weird, stop. And maybe it’s time for you to move out of their basement. I mean you. Yeah, YOU! Date yourself, baby. No mysteries there. No pointless fights about what to do for date night, no pent-up frustration about those weird mouth noises they make while eating potato chips, no more clumsy, clueless clowns. Fall in love with yourself and watch your life fall into place. Thank me later!”


Her first solo release of 2021, “dating myself” follows sad alex’s collaborative hit “i’m glad that you found someone” featuring gnash, which has earned over 1 million streams and counting since its release last fall. The single was paired with an official remix contest, resulting in hundreds of fan submissions across social channels and over 2.7 million views on the TikTok campaign hashtags. Released last month, the winning remix – featuring singer Charlie Curtis-Beard – hit over 100,000 streams in less than 48 hours.


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Published 6 months ago

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