sad alex releases new single “california queen”!

sad alex releases new single “california queen”!



Singer-songwriter sad alex releases her latest single, “california queen,” out now via Red Bull Records. Taking a break from her recent run of indie pop-infused productions, “california queen” explores a slower, more melancholic side of sad alex’s musical prowess. Accompanied by a lone piano melody, the single is carried by sad alex’s haunting vocals, lamenting on a former Los Angeles lover.


“I probably wrote one hundred songs about my first case of LA fuckboy gone wrong. This particular song was special though. I wrote it on the piano, sang it in one take, and that recording is what I’m releasing,” says sad alex. “I think any relationship affects your view of a city, and I had just moved to LA at the time so a lot of my first memories of moving were with him. I was so lost and betrayed, but you have to move on. C’est la vie.”

The release of “california queen” is accompanied by its striking music video. Harnessing her background as a classically trained dancer, the visual opens up to sad alex at a white piano in an empty room, slowly revealing her dance partner as they break out into an emotionally charged performance.


“The ‘california queen’ video was a return to a lot of old loves. It is an older song of mine that has gone through multiple different lives, ultimately landing on a version that I produced myself, which has been a new and exciting venture for me. It was also a return to my dance days, something that used to be a big part of my life until breaking my kneecap five years ago,” says sad alex of the video. “After a long healing process and a lot of growth in myself and my music, this is the first time I have been able to safely reintroduce dance back into my art. It was hella cathartic but also really challenging on my body and mind. I am really proud of how I pushed through and how the video turned out and am so excited to showcase dance more.”


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Published 4 months ago

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