pineappleCITI releasese new single “Lift Me Up”!

pineappleCITI releasese new single “Lift Me Up”!





pineappleCITI returns to release her latest single, “Lift Me Up,” out today on Red Bull Records. A self-motivating, trap/R&B anthem that shines a light on positivity and shows a sense of vulnerability, the release marks her second single of the year. Continuing the momentum of positive vibes that pineappleCITI is bringing to 2020, the LordQuest-produced “Lift Me Up” follows the self-directed music video for pineappleCITI’s single “Believe,” which was debuted earlier this month on Flaunt.

Like “Believe,” “Lift Me Up” is a song that finds CITI reflecting on her resurgence back into the music scene with her tantalizing takeover mentality. She’s gotten a lot of support over the years for her artistry; however, she had a life-threatening accident that temporarily derailed the acceleration of her music career. It was an unfortunate time for pineappleCITI, but she persevered and overcame the obstacles she faced.

“’Lift Me Up’ is a representation of how we all feel right now,” says pineappleCITI. “With so much going on in the world today, I wanted to take this opportunity to vent and get some things off my chest. I feel like we all need a ‘Lift Me Up.’ Unfortunately, there’s no bar or bartenders in sight!”




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Published 10 months ago

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