pineappleCITI Releases Acoustic Version of “Lift Me Up”

pineappleCITI Releases Acoustic Version of “Lift Me Up”

pineappleCITI is back with an acoustic rendition of her latest single “Lift Me Up”. Teased to fans on Juneteenth with the release of its timely music video, the stripped-down version of the R&B anthem demonstrates pineappleCITI’s artistic versatility and strives to uplift listeners with its self-motivating lyrics.


As with the original track, CITI reflects on her journey throughout her career. Despite facing challenges such as a life-threatening accident, CITI overcame her struggles through her determination and support from her listeners, allowing her to return even stronger.

The release also serves to provide positivity to all those who have been fighting for social justice. As pineappleCITI has been on the frontlines of the protests in her hometown of Newark, NJ, this message is especially personal.


“‘Lift Me Up’ authentically captures how I feel and how I think we all feel,” says CITI on her motivation behind the release. “This is an important time for us as a country to speak out and stand up for our rights but also to pay close attention to how all of this is affecting our mental health. We could all use a lift me up right now.”





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Published 1 year ago

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