Kofi releases steamy music video for “Nuff Talk”

Kofi releases steamy music video for “Nuff Talk”



Kofi releases the steamy visual for the seductive track “Nuff Talk” – the latest single from his forthcoming EP, The Story of My Life. Directed by Stefan Vleming-Critz, the music video brings “Nuff Talk” to life with sultry scenes featuring Kofi and his love interest.




“‘Nuff Talk’is a Toronto saying that’s kind of like stop talking,” says Kofi. “When I first heard the beat, it was a love song and there was some sex appeal to the beat alone. So when I was writing it, I just wanted to elaborate on that. The whole writing of the song is about a long distance couple who when they finally get together …it’s like ‘nuff talk’. Time for talking is done at some point.”


The music video follows Kofi’s electrifying performance for Red Bull Records first-ever Virtual Festival – aimed at raising awareness for MusiCares artist support efforts. Fans can watch the festival in its entirety, including Kofi’s at-home performance HERE.


A Toronto native with Ghanaian roots, Kofi’s signature sound is an eclectic fusion of rapped and sung vocals against a blend of trap, afropop, and Toronto-inspired alternative R&B beats. “Nuff Talk” (stream HERE ) follows the release of the EP’s catchy debut single “F.A.Y.” (stream HERE). Due out later this year, The Story of My Life was co-produced, written, mixed and mastered by Kofi himself.


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Published 1 year ago

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