Gavin Haley releases new single “2FU”

Gavin Haley releases new single “2FU”





Following the release of his must-listen collaboration with rapper Yung Pinch on “Tati” – in addition to the heartfelt, down-tempo anthem “The World Keeps Spinning On” – indie singer-songwriter Gavin Haley returns with his latest single, “2FU.”


Out now via Red Bull Records, “2FU” opens up with a voicemail greeting before breaking down into a series of vulnerable confessions from Gavin. An intimate look into his own struggles with drugs and mental health, Gavin reflects on his past life experiences with nimble cadence, sharing his journey through swift lyricism and soulful, melodic production.


“In 2018, I didn’t leave my apartment for like that whole year, besides to go to the studio and get food. I was just in another world, dealing with health problems. I felt so isolated from everything, but I didn’t have the energy to be there for anyone but myself, not even close friends,” says Gavin of the track. “‘2FU’ is inspired by that time in my life, and the feeling of being stuck somewhere.”

The release of “2FU” also comes with the debut of its music video, featuring Gavin walking through a desolated desert highway. Cleansing himself with sage, the video shows Gavin singing directly to the camera while traveling through the open road.


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Published 1 year ago

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