Gavin Haley releases heartfelt new single “The World Keeps Spinning On”

Gavin Haley releases heartfelt new single “The World Keeps Spinning On”




Continuing his run of melodic, must-listen records, indie singer-songwriter Gavin Haley releases his timely new track, “The World Keeps Spinning On”. Out now via Red Bull Records, the heartfelt single features stripped down production, as gentle guitar chords float alongside Gavin’s soulful melodies. A loving and thoughtful pop ballad, “The World Keeps Spinning On” speaks to the unflinching turning of time and facing each new day, despite what obstacles may appear.


“I wrote this tune in the summer of last year with some really good humans. I remember how the sun felt that day. The message to this record is so simple but powerful at the same time,” says Gavin of the release. “No matter what’s going on in our world, it doesn’t wait for anyone. The journey may be different, but the ending is the same. I think this song helped me start to find the good things in each moment. It can be so easy to focus on things going wrong even when there is lots going right. I’m happy that ‘The World Keeps Spinning On’ is out in the universe in a time like now.”

The release of “The World Keeps Spinning On” comes ahead of Gavin’s forthcoming performance as part of the Red Bull Records Virtual Festival, airing Friday, May 1 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. Streaming on Red Bull Records’ Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels, the inaugural livestream festival showcases exclusive performances from the label’s innovative roster.


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Published 1 year ago

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