No Label

No Label (aka Carlo Megighian) is a young Italian producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from the small city of Padua. Recently partnered with Red Bull Records, his music came to the attention of the label because of his unique experimental style. One moment he can delve into maximalist glitchy electronica, then the next he will flirt with languid ambient textures…all informed with a leftfield hip-hop sensibility from his roots producing for Italy’s biggest Trap/Rap artists.


No Label’s unique production style was now being recognized by major Italian Hip Hop / Trap artists, who began to tap him up for his services. 2020 saw No Label work on productions for Egreen (“Idee Chiare”), Dola & Ugo Borghetti (“Pepita”) and Joe Scacchi (“Bitch”). Producing for other artists is something No Label does with great pleasure… “but I always have to balance my ego with other people’s artistic vision. When I make my own music, I’m free to make weird tempo changes or crazy transitions”.