Two New Flawes Tracks

Listen to two new songs Flawes from their upcoming EP!

New Beartooth Video – Sick Of Me

A few individuals share their struggles which depression in this new Beartooth video.

The Aces New Video For Physical Out Now

  “‘Physical’ is about being unamused with purely sexual relationships,” the band tells NPR. “Casual intimacy is so glamorized in society, and we wanted to bring our perspective to the table. Being physical is obviously fun, but it can quickly become lackluster if that’s the only thing a relationship has going for it. Substance is Read more…

Beartooth Aggressive Deluxe Available for Pre-Order Now

Pre-order the new Beartooth Aggressive Deluxe Album at

17 Artists To Watch in 2017

Our staff picked 17 artists they thought would be a good idea to watch out for. See everyone’s picks below!

Flawes Cover “Ocean Eyes” Live

Isolated in a dark room with one warm light, FLAWES takes on Billie Eilish‘s “Ocean Eyes”. Mellow rhythm accompanies emotional lyrics as they pull us deep into an ocean of love, comforted by the lo-fi guitar solo to bring it all home.

Warm Brew Release “Gravy” With Flying Steps

Here’s an all-new song and music video featuring comic book inspired visuals from illustrator Benjamin Wachenje and choreography from Berlin-based dance crew Flying Steps, who also had a massive year touring the globe with their Red Bull Flying Illusion and Red Bull Flying Bach shows.

Beartooth, Aggressive – CS:GO Music Kit 2

Beartooth is back with their second music kit for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Listen to the new tunes inside the game below. This new music kit encapsulated the release of Beartooth’s second album Aggressive. The record has as much in common with stomping metalcore as old-school punk, vintage screamo, and harder edged pop punk, with a Read more…

Twin Atlantic, GLA – CS:GO Music Kit

Twin Atlantic comes to Counter-Strike ready to melt faces with the power of Scottish Rock.

Blitz Kids, The Good Youth – CS:GO Music Kit

Blitz Kids comes to Counter-Strike ready to melt faces with the power of Scottish Rock. Listen to the record below! Blitz Kids – The Good Youth (Album Stream) You also listen at: Spotify iTunes